The digital economy is redirecting the rules of the game in the retail world.

As in all large groups, Toys”R”Us Iberia faces the need to address digital transformation to improve the customer experience, optimize the main production processes and create new products and services. Toys”R”Us Accelerator was created with the mission to develop products, services and processes that are increasingly efficient and adaptive of the retail sector. Through a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, support for entrepreneurs, leading and motivating their teams so their ideas and challenges become successful businesses, developing a culture of mutual learning in the ecosystem.

The acceleration program is driven by associations and leading companies in the toy sector, such as AIJU, AEFJ and Toys”R”Us, and in addition to the selected projects count with a wide range of resources, expertise and funding to create successful businesses and products.



Is there a cost to the program?

No, it’s free of charge.

Who can apply?

To participate in the program you must be of legal age and have full capacity to act. Entrepreneurs of any nationality without age limit are allowed to apply.

Can I make the program remotely?

No, we require that teams are established for 4 months at our headquarters located in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

I'm alone. Can I participate?

Yes, we will evaluate the project, although we value positively strong teams that have developed a Minimum Viable Product.

Can I submit more than one project per entrepreneur?

No, only one project is supported by each entrepreneur.

Is it necessary to have a company incorporated?

No, it is not necessary to have a company incorporated.


What kind of projects are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs, with projects of high growth potential that are scalable and sustainable. Business models aimed at the retail and/or toy industry.

Does the project need to be billable?

No, one of the objectives of the program is to support the launch of new ideas and/or projects, validating the business model.

Where can I submit my project?

The request can be made through this web form, or through the F6S website. Projects submitted by email or other means will not be accepted, nor will applications that do not include the requested documents be accepted.

How are projects evaluated?

The business plan associated with the proposed business model, focusing on new products or services aimed at transforming the retail industry or complementary to it, will be analyzed in depth. This analysis will be performed by a Technical Committee composed of consolidated entrepreneurs, with a practical approach from the daily operations of a large company.


Once submitted the candidacy, what is the procedure?

All projects received that comply with the Participation Rules will be evaluated. The Toys”Rteam “Us Iberia team will select the most outstanding projects among those received, to be presented to the Technical Committee of the program. The decision will be communicated to those with discarded projects.

The Committee, composed of representatives of Toys”R”Us Iberia, entrepreneurs and investors, will select by vote up to 10 projects that best meet the criteria set by the program. Subsequently, entrepreneurs will be contacted to establish the conditions for participation and prepare their incorporation.

Finally, the selected projects will enjoy the acceleration program for 4 months.

Should my company assign a percentage of shares in exchange for participating in the program?

Yes. Toys”R”Us Iberia will take a shareholding of between 7% and 10% of already incorporated (or to be incorporated) companies of the selected projects.

It is important to highlight the figure of the investor by providing smart capital, understood not only as financing in exchange for shares, but also profound knowledge, contacts and influences in the sector, which adds value to each project.


How is the investment made?

The selected projects will receive a cash contribution of 10,000 euros, together with a package of services and benefits (perks) valued at 40,000 euros. Such investment can be increased by our network of co-investors, following the same investment conditions established with Toys”R”Us Iberia.

If the project thrives and arouses the interest of new investors, entrepreneurs will receive advice on existing financial resources in the market – both public and private – to achieve a multiplier effect of the investment. In addition, entrepreneurs will have the possibility to participate in several investment forums to be held within the venture capital ecosystem in Spain.


What documents do I need to sign to participate in the program?

  • TERM SHEET: despite not being recognized in the Spanish legal system, and not being binding or nominative, each project must sign a term sheet (LOI), a document setting out the conditions of investment and which serves as the basis for the subsequent partnership pact.
  • PARTNER PACT: The partner pact is a private document that the partners at any company sign to regulate certain situations that, by their nature, are not covered by the Statutes of the company. The objective of this document is to regulate how to work together, identify the founders, describe roles or functions, determine the percentage of society that the accelerator retains, the contributions it will perform, its function as a partner and includes a series of clauses that preserve the continuity of the project

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